Uncharted needs PS4 for next graphical leap

Naughty Dog can't recreate Uncharted 2 improvements on current gen

Naughty Dog has said that a graphical leap like the one seen between the original Uncharted and its follow-up is impossible on PS3.


Speaking to Spong, game director Justin Richmond said that Uncharted 3 doesn't manage the same graphical advance seen between the first two games because the PS3 simply can't handle it.

"Uncharted 3 isn't just an incremental update," he said. "We did change lots and lots of things - but graphically speaking, it's not going to have the same gap [as between Uncharted 1 and 2]. It was never going to happen.

"The way we made it, how much of the PS3's power we were using... that huge gap that you saw between Uncharted 1 and 2 is the kind of thing that really only happens once per generation," he continued.

"We pushed it really hard. Uncharted 2 to 3 is still a jump, but it's a narrower jump. And going forward, it depends on what we do.

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"There are always ways to improve stuff, always ways we can pull out more stops... like changing optimisations, changing streaming animations, getting more polygons on screen, progressive mesh.

"But I don't think you'll ever see that same jump again, at least on a PlayStation 3. There was just so much power left over in the PS3 when we made Uncharted 1 that we figured out how to use and really took it to town when developing Uncharted 2."

The first Uncharted 3 review landed over the weekend. It came from Spanish mag Playmania, which gave the Naughty Dog threequel 9.9/10.

[ SOURCE: Spong ]