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Two Socom 4 DLC packs revealed

Demolition mode and new Evac Co-op Pack detailed

Zipper Interactive hopes to give Socom 4 sales a small nudge with two new DLC updates revealed.


The first is the revival of the Demolition mode that old-time Socom fans may remember fondly. Demolition has teams fighting for a single bomb on the map, which they must detonate in their opponents' base.

Released today, the $9.99 pack also comes with four maps, two of which are old classics remade, two new guns and six character skins. Six of the game's current maps will also be compatible with Demolition mode, totalling 10 playable maps for the new mode.

While current owners have to pay for it, those who purchase the game from Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada will get a free code to unlock the Demolition Pack. Way to thank your loyal players, Zipper.

Next will follow a new Evac Co-op Pack available on November 1. This $7.99 pack will introduce the "Evac" cooperative mode and include a new cooperative map, two new weapons and six additional character skins.

Ziper explains: "In Evac, players are caught behind enemy lines and must fight their way out alive. Your pick-up vehicle is on-route to a designated location, and it's up to you to fight your way there and defend the point until your exit arrives.

"Evac works across the original six cooperative missions as well as the new Onslaught location included in this pack. Onslaught also supports the original Espionage and Takedown cooperative modes."

Detailed lists of content can be had through the source link.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]