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CVG's Site of the Week: Sillegamer

Our picks from around the web...

Last week CVG's gaming website of the week was Nukezilla, a gaming site that aims to better the industry through a combination of healthy cynicism, a dash of humor and some good old insightful writing.


This week we're giving the accolade to Silliegamer, a site that aims to deliver news, reviews, previews, articles and media with energy and enthusiasm around the clock.

We spoke to Silliegamer editor Kenneth Ellis about the site, what makes it unique and what is in store for the future.

What sets SilleGamer apart from other sites?

SilleGamer is a recently established Irish gaming website, run by a dedicated team of enthusiastic individuals and striving to provide both national and international visitors with a wealth of entertaining content applicable to all gamers.

Our website features an elegantly simple, slick design and aims to deliver a heavy truckload of bite-sized news items, previews, reviews, media and unique features - ensuring constantly updating articles, a massive information resource and original writing for gamers from all walks of life.

We understand that today's fast-paced lifestyle leaves very little time for gamers to weave their way through the large reams of news items which surface on a daily basis, and as such we strive to provide a range of exclusive content and breaking news submissions which we feel will appeal to fans of all genres.

The considerable gaming community in Ireland is a passionately commendable group and we hope to frequently cater to the large masses of Irish gamers scavenging for their daily fix of gaming goodness.

The Irish gaming scene is already well represented with admirably hard-working websites such as TheGamingLiberty and we hope to confidently contribute and cater to the ever-growing gaming community dotted across the emerald isle - all while slaving to provide a high-quality service like no other.

Every last piece of writing is wrapped in an easy-to-use, concentrated and friendly format to ensure simplicity remains at the very heart and core of our submissions and publications.

What would you say you specialize in?

Sillegamer can be described as a burgeoning labor of love, borne out of an intense appreciation and passion for the ever-growing video game industry. We grew up furiously playing and excitedly completing all of the major classics and our cozy little team pick through the scattered bones of major news stories and publish all the relevant details in a witty, humorous and easy-to-read manner.

We take on board every honest, approachable and much appreciated suggestion from our avid group of followers and pride ourselves on providing exactly what gamers want - news items relating to all their most beloved franchises, interesting reviews, fleshed-out previews and all the media content that you could ever ask for.

First and foremost, we would lean more toward the news side of things, however, just like gamers everywhere; we absolutely love to get our grubby mitts on the newest titles and endeavor to provide a complementary selection of reviews, previews, articles and media - all while tirelessly covering the biggest releases from all the major publishers and developers.

Our website is currently a work in progress and we hope to continually grow and expand on our online presence and also increase our varied range of offerings. We are considerably humbled and continually grateful for the recognition we have presently achieved and a delightful selection of our news pieces have gloriously appeared on a selection of highly respected gaming institutions including VG247, IGN, CVG, Eurogamer, Playstation Lifestyle and Gematsu - we are monstrous fans of all.

What do you have planned for the future?

The primary ambition for the folks here at SilleGamer is to grow, grow and grow some more! We have an enormous amount of exciting goals planned, ranging from interviews with the gaming industry's brightest stars, attending glittering gaming events such as E3, Gamescom & TGS to hiring even more talented writers to fulfill our ultimate plan of world domination.

Putting our crazily chaotic plans aside, we really hope to gain a presence in Ireland and beyond; ensuring gamers everywhere have access to a top notch, high quality resource when it comes to the industry's biggest news stories and titles. Expect the length and breadth of our offerings to multiply ten-fold in the coming months and years, providing video game enthusiasts everywhere with all the content they could ever need.

We are extremely thankful for all the support and are deeply flattered that the great people at CVG have honored us with a Site of the Week feature. We shall affectionately frame this darling feature and brazenly massacre a dozen Chimera in your honor - treasuring all the memories along the way. Thank you all so much. It's been a blast so far!