Batman: Arkham 3 - What We Want to See

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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We've done Arkham Asylum, we've ventured out into a small section of Gotham, now we want to see Rocksteady go the whole way and create Gotham City in its entirety - a full-on, working Gotham to glide around (and drive the Batmobile, obviously).

We want to perch Batman on top of Wayne Enterprises. We want to sneak back to Wayne Manor and have a game of Risk with Alfred. We want to visit every location Gotham City has to offer. We're just not really sure how it would work with Gotham's citizens on the streets.

We already said that there's the threat of running them over in the Batmobile, and while we'll guiltily admit that we may find that fun, it's not Batman. Likewise, even just mingling with the crowd is not Batman's style. You never see The Dark Knight going for a nice night time stroll, but there's nothing stopping the player from doing that.


Each to their own we suppose, but you wouldn't catching us doing anything that wasn't 100 percent Batman.

So we would like to see Gotham City, but we understand that Rocksteady might have to implement some limitations so the immersion isn't killed because you decided to use the line launcher on a crowded street punting 50 pedestrians in the face as you slide from A to B.

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