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Batman: Arkham 3 - What We Want to See

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Batarang, dodge, attack, dodge, batarang, dodge, attack, dodge, batarang...We're well and truly over in now, Rocksteady. It's hardly an original boss fight mechanic. In fact, we remember doing something similar in Spider-Man 1 during a boss fight against Rhino, on the PlayStation. Wait for the charge, dodge, attack, get away before he hits you, repeat. It's pretty boring.

They even turned Bane into one of the dumb charging monsters in Arkham Asylum and Bane is supposed to be smart. He did, after all, get in to the Batcave and break Batman's back in the comics. He didn't manage that by charging Batman over and over until Batman decided he'd rather be broken in half than have to batarang, dodge, attack one more time.


Titan also ruined the boss fight with The Joker at the end of Arkham Asylum. Rather than seeing the epic battle every fight between the Bat and Clown should be, we got another monster wildly flailing his arms about for 10 seconds before hopping up on a ledge and calling in more generic thugs. Repeat three times. Rubbish.

Why not have a more creative climax rather than just a fist fight? How about Joker leading Batman in to a maze full of his traps and taunting him over a PA system as the player tries to navigate through the maze. It's just something we thought of off the top of our heads, but it still sounds more interesting than Arkham Asylum's final boss fight.

You've done Titan now, Rocksteady. Lets move on.

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