5 launch games that would make us buy Xbox 720

Our dream next-gen Xbox launch lineup...

Last week we gave you the games we'd like to see as launch titles for Sony's inevitable PlayStation 4. This week we flip the tables and list some games that we'd like to see on the big M's next-gen offering.

Just like Sony and the PlayStation 4, we know Microsoft have a team of highly trained super-scientists hidden deep underground working on the successor to the Xbox 360.

Alright, maybe 'super' is too much, but they've got someone working on it and - trying to avoid the obvious big ones like Halo 5 and Gears 4 - we've named some games that we think would persuade us to part with our cash and take home a shiny new Xbox 720.

You don't buy a new console to play music or watch DVDs after all, the success of a new machine is more or less entirely down to how many killer apps it can fire out of its canon on launch day.

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Remedy's dark, psychological thriller deserves, no, needs a sequel - especially with that ending. If it just happened to be a launch game on the next Microsoft console... well let's just say we'd be tempted.

The gameplay may have gotten a little repetitive towards the end of the original Alan Wake, but the atmosphere was perfect. It managed to make us feel uneasy simply getting out of our car to look for supplies.


As far as we know, Alan Wake is also the only game that has you fight a demon bulldozer. That's something you don't see enough of in games these days.

But, as we said, this needs a sequel for the ending alone. It just completely left us hanging, hungry for more. What the hell is going to happen next? Actually, what the hell just did happen? What do you mean it's an ocean? Alan? ALAN!


Damn you, Remedy, keep your DLC and give us Alan Wake 2!

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