Batman: AC running on super-PC looks sweet

Nvidia releases video showing off flashy PhysX effects

PC folk may have to wait longer for their Bat-fix, but Nvidia is out to convince them the wait will be worth it.


Below is a video of the game running on one of Nvidia's fire-breathing PCs (more specifically a GeForce GTX 560 setup) with massively enhanced PhysX effects.

What that amounts to is more debris flying around the stage and better particle effects and for things like sparks, smoke and all that gubbins.

Pictured is also apparently the world's first tessellated screenshot - a tech that apparently adds "extra detail to objects and scenes". You can get into the nitty-gritty details through the source link.

The PC version is out on November 15. Find out why it's unmissable in our Batman: Arkham City review.

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[ SOURCE: Nvidia ]