Uncharted 3 review - 98% in OPM Spain, 'a masterpiece'

Third Uncharted 3 review pours on the praise

The third Uncharted 3 review has hit the net and Naughty Dog will be pleased to hear that it's more of the same.


Just to get you up to speed, the first Uncharted 3 review seeped onto the internet less than a week ago with other Spanish mag, Playmania, giving the Naughty Dog threequel and agonising 9.9/10.

The second Uncharted 3 review, from Dutch mag Power Unlimited, followed four days later giving Drake's upcoming adventure 94 percent.

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Now OPM Spain has stamped a 9.8/10 score at the bottom of its Uncharted 3 review with rough translations of the verdict calling Uncharted 3 "A masterpiece to remember for many years that will be difficult to overcome."

The review also points to the "remarkably broad campaign" of 10-12 hours and of course notes that Uncharted 3 excels in all graphical areas "but highlights the progress made in lighting, physics and emotions"