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Zelda: Skyward Sword review - World's first is 98%, heralds 'best Zelda ever'

ONM delivers first verdict

The first Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review has arrived, and it's a stellar 98% verdict in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine.


The score is the mag's joint highest ever, and ONM claims the first built-for-Wii Zelda is the "best Zelda game ever made".

"Skyward Sword has a lot of heart, backed up by a lot of brains," the mag says. "It's an intelligent and captivating adventure that, through sheer scale and diversity of content, variety of location and ingenious and refined use of Wii Motion Plus, never fails to maintain a firm chokehold on your attentions."

Summing up, ONM's review concludes: "It's not something we say lightly, but the Zelda series really has never been this good."

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The release of Skyward Sword coincides with the Zelda series' 25th anniversary, which properly kicks in to gear next week when a Zelda concert hits London's Hammersmith Apollo.

The game's out on November 18. We're very, very excited.

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