Buy Battlefield 3 AND Modern Warfare 3 for £37.96

Play both for the price of one with GameStop deal

You may have heard with some supermarket dealsit's possible to buy Modern Warfare 3 for 99p. What this really means is that you can get both Modern Warfare 3 AND Battlefield 3 for £37.96.


MCV has the details:

Gamers must buy Battlefield 3 for £36.97 from GameStop on either Xbox 360 or PS3. Then, they need to also buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for £41.97.

The retailer will also ship out a padded pre-paid envelope. Customers can then use this to ship back their copy of Battlefield 3 before November 18th. Once GameStop receives it they'll send out a new copy of Modern Warfare 3 and refund the buyer to the sum of £40.98.

Normally these kinds of trade-in deals would only be found on the high-street. Will pave the way for these deals in the online market?

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