Unlock the Animus - Week 3 hints and tips

Stuck on the fiendish cunning of the Templars' puzzles? Don't worry help is at hand

It's week three of our mind-grinding, frontal lobe-bending Unlock the Animus challenge and with the action really hotting up now, the mental gymnastics are becoming fiercer than ever as you try to solve the animus' conundrums.

But never fear for as is becoming traditional on Friday, we've got another of our clues, a subtle hint, a gentle pointer to set you in the right direction in case you've found this week's brain teaser a touch too taxing.

So here's week three's clue that should set you on the right path and if you search closely there may also be another visual hint concealed around this page. But on with the clue:


"Your enemies hope to triumph through their sign, but for you, Assassin, it is the key to Nova Roma".

We have to admit, it's better Assassins than us who've succeeded in solving these brain teasers, but keep going, because up for grabs is a fantastic prize in the form of an amazing trip to Istanbul for yourself and a friend, including flights, four nights of hotel accommodation and £500 spending money, plus a chance to tour the beautiful and historic Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

We've also got a bunch of exclusives for Assassin's fans on the site including a brand new interview with the AC Revelations team where they talk about Constantinople and the wide variety of locations in the game, plus our recent Assassin's Creed: Revelations preview, where you can get the final word on the new hookblade, assassins dens and all the new game mechanics.

Happy hunting Assassin.