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Soul Calibur 5: Ezio delivers a killer blow

We spend a little time getting hands-on with Ubisoft's Assassin...

Guest characters, that's what we want from Soul Calibur V.

Sure, it's still the only fighting game that lets players beat each other black and blue with everything from an itty bitty blade to a demon possessed Zweihander.


And it looks absolutely stunning, with intricately detailed character models, some of which have been given a perverse amount of attention (hint: It's usually the ones with boobs) and beautifully crafted environments. It's even got an ear-tingling orchestral soundtrack and refined arena-based combat.

But it's had those things for years and frankly we're taking all that for granted at this point.

Now the most exciting Soul Calibur related announcement is the one that tells us - and you - which fictional character will be making a cameo appearance in Soul Calibur V.

So when Namco Bandai invited us to a Masonic Temple and promised a reveal, as well as hands-on time with the latest continuity shattering character to make the leap into Soul Calibur we jumped at the opportunity.

You might even say we...parkoured at the opportunity. Probably not though, it doesn't really make any sense.

If our ill-conceived hint (or the recent news story) hasn't tipped you off yet the guest character is none other than Ezio Auditore da Firenze, hailing from Ubisoft's much-loved Assassin's Creed series.


Until now the cameo characters have been somewhat of a novelty. Although they were undeniably cool additions they didn't exactly fit in, and more often than not broke the game. We still have nightmares about that little green midget Yoda chopping away at our ankles as our sword swings cut through nothing but air.

But Namco Bandai's latest pick is not only a perfect fit for the series but has also been designed as a balanced, tournament viable character. At least that's what they tell us.

Visually Ezio's flamboyant character design makes him look the part amongst Soul Calibur's gaudy cast, and in terms of combat ability he comes across in our too-short-for-our-liking play session as a very well-rounded character.

Ezio is a powerful far, mid and close range character thanks to the number of different tools in his arsenal. As well as his trademark hidden blade the master assassin is equipped with a Stiletto (the weapon, not the footwear), a crossbow, a Roman Longsword and the hidden gun designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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According to Soul Calibur V producer Hisaharu Tago Ezio has the most tools per single character in the game.

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