Doom 4 'postponed indefinitely' - rumour

'Rage review issues' rumoured to be the cause

Doom 4 has been 'indefinitely postponed' due to what Zenimax and Bethesda perceive as a issues surrounding Rage reviews.


That's according to a source who got in contact with Kotaku claiming to be close to the publishers of id Software's latest FPS outing.

The source says that Zenimax and Bethesda made the decision based on "the issues and reviews" surrounding Rage's launch which for them shows "a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id."

We should stress at this point that this information comes from an unnamed source meaning this is all just rumour at the moment.

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We thought Rage was a great effort from id and it debuted at number 2 in the UK across all formats and topped the PC charts.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]