Nintendo reveals limited edition 'Mario-like' 3DS

...but won't give you one. Soz

Nintendo is making a limited edition series of Mario-themed 3DS units, but if you don't live in Japan you'll not be getting one.


Nintendo is making 1000 each of the three 3DS units pictured, named Peach, Mario and 'Super Kinoko'.

Members of the Japanese Club Nintendo store can enter to win one of these machines by registering two 3DS games between now and January 15.

Everyone who enters will also get a free copy of the upcoming 3D Classic NES game Kid Icarus.

If you want one but don't live in Japan, here are your option; move to Japan, or sell your house and have every penny ready for an inevitably high-hitting eBay listing.

Next month's Nintendo 3DS update will introduce the ability for users to capture their own 3D videos.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed the news at a 3DS press conference in Japan last week, where he said 3DS owners will be able to record 3D videos up to ten minutes in length.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]