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New Medal of Honor hinted by Battlefield 3 insert

Leaflet included with BF3 hints at new MoH sequel next year

Is EA working on a new Medal of Honor game for 2012? It would seem likely given the relatively positive response to the 2010 revival title, and now even EA's hinting at it.


The first retail copies of Battlefield 3 have found their way into the wild, and contained in the cases is an insert that appears to tease a new Medal of Honor game.

The black leaflet, pictured, avoids revealing any details other than the fact that whatever is coming is yet to be given a BBFC rating.

It wouldn't be the first clue either. Medal of Honor developer Danger Close Games was hiring developers for an "unannounced AAA first person shooter title" back in January.

A new Medal of Honor game would be the obvious guess - that's if the big '1' isn't hinting at some sort of re-release.

Would be up for more Medal of Honor?