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Battlefield 3 review scores sneak out

PC review scores only, with console verdicts to follow later this week

The first Battlefield 3 review scores are now live, but they're for the PC version only.


You'll find our Battlefield 3 review for consoles on these very pages later this week, so don't forget to tell us what you want to know about it ahead of our verdict.

For now though, let's see what the rest of the gaming world is saying about DICE's highly anticipated shooter.

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Here's the list of scores so far:

  • Joystiq 4.5/5: "It's not revolutionary, but it's the best Battlefield game, and that's saying a lot."
  • GameTrailers 9.2/10: "A stellar multiplayer suite with practically limitless replay value and a mostly forgettable campaign."
  • 1UP A-: "The single-player and co-op campaigns both have their issues, but the multiplayer component is worth the price of entry alone."
  • GameSpy 5/5: "There's simply no other shooter that lets you wage war on a scale this huge, but even better is the infinite number of satisfying ways to lay the hurt down on your opponents."
  • 9.2/10: "This is war. This is what we FPS fans have longed for for years."
  • BigPond Gamearena: 9.5/10 "If it's the best multiplayer game in the world that you're after, get your affairs in order. You're re-enlisting soldier."
  • Game Informer 9.5/10: "The only downside to Battlefield 3 is the lack of substantial changes to the multiplayer formula. However, that shouldn't stop longtime fans and newcomers from enjoying one of the best FPS experiences in gaming."
  • IGN 9/10: "Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite that's sure to excite shooter fans."
  • AusGamers 9.8/10: "A game that's finally worth upgrading for and I dare say it carries with it a potential for a renaissance of the PC first person shooter."
  • SpazioGames 93: "The true strength of DICE's new title is its multiplayer component: massive battles, vehicles, destruction and an exceptional overall polish of Frostbite 2 offer an incredible piece of entertainment and raise the bar for online competition."
  • GameReactor Sweden 8/10
  • 87%
  • GameReactor Denmark 9/10