Monster review day: Battlefield 3 live, Uncharted 3 at 5

Two of 2011's most anticipated in one day

In a lot of ways it's like the solar eclipse of gaming; our Battlefield 3 review is live right now and our Uncharted 3 review is set to roll into view at 5pm.


It's possible that one will overshadow the other but, either way, today is a massive win for gamers everywhere and an indication of just how dense the quality of releases is at the moment.

Of course, at this point we can only review Battlefield 3's campaign - what's multiplayer without thousands of heads to shoot? - but, if you've read our Battlefield 3 review, you'll know that we reckon its single-player is close to perfect.

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As for Naughty Dog's contribution to this fine day, you'll get our verdict this afternoon, but the Uncharted 3 review scores that have leaked already give the threequel a very good start.