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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception review: 9/10 in Edge

"The most exquisite fire, desert and sky levels since Super Mario Bros 3"

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception reviews go live on the internet at 5pm this evening, but the latest print verdict has just arrived via the new issue of Edge, which awards the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive a 9/10 score.


The magazine reserves special praise for Naughty Dog's ability to one up Uncharted 2's action set-pieces without losing a focus on character development, as well the ability of the studio's artists to evoke wonder.

"One of the great coups of Uncharted 3 is that Naughty Dog manages to push its action to broader places while illuminating aspects of its hero Nathan Drake that previously felt opaque," it says.

"Uncharted 3 refreshes its backdrop with the clockwork dependability of a Nintendo title," Edge adds. "Because Naughty Dog's artists invest each setting with such exhaustive detail, you may not even realise you're being treated to the most exquisite fire, desert and sky levels since Super Mario Bros 3."

Away from the single player campaign, the mag says: "For those who like the opponents they wipe out to be capable of feeling actual humiliation, Uncharted 3's multiplayer modes lay out a gluttonous buffet."

Meanwhile, Edge reckons "there's fun to be had" in Uncharted 3's co-op adventure mode, but it "feels lacklustre" in comparison to the single player campaign.

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Just to get you up to speed, the first Uncharted 3 review seeped onto the internet less than a week ago with Spanish mag Playmania giving the Naughty Dog threequel 9.9/10.

The second Uncharted 3 review, from Dutch mag Power Unlimited, awarded Drake's upcoming adventure 94 percent.

The most recent review prior to Edge's came from OPM Spain, which stamped a 9.8/10 score at the bottom of its verdict.

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