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10 of today's smartest games

Testing your brain and your trigger finger...

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Dev Gaijin Games
Pub Konami
Released Early 2012

Set Birds of Steel to Easy and entire squadrons of Axis planes fall from the sky under fire from your unstoppable offence but play in Simulator mode and you'll be flying a plane, and that is bastard hard. The sweet spot is between the two - full IL2 Sturmovik physics with a handful of assists - so you can fly the Pacific half of the war without crashing into the ocean like Tom Bailey.

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Smart thing, current game

Geomod 2.0 (Red Faction)
Red Faction's destruction tech is, of course, as we have preached many times before, a true technical miracle that makes Red Faction Guerrilla one of the very best open-world action games.. The sequel squanders it underground, but it's technology we'll see again from Volition, if not necessarily in a new Red Faction.

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