First Super Mario 3D Land review: 8/10 in Edge

Mag impressed with the 3DS title's pick-and-mix approach to Mario's history

The first Super Mario 3D Land review has arrived in the latest issue of Edge, which is landing with subscribers now.


The magazine slaps an 8/10 score on the end of its verdict, which labels the game "Mario, not quite as you know him, but perhaps as you faintly remember him from days gone by".

Unlike the Mario Galaxy games, 3D Land's "timed courses are defined by the straighter edges of the cubes, blocks and titles from which they are constructed", but "they're no less tightly designed", Edge says.

3D Land's levels are also "enhanced by some of the best, most subtle use of 3D" on 3DS to date, the mag adds, but it's less impressed with the range of power-ups on offer.

It takes issue with the Tanooki suit's prominence in the game, noting that its over-use "can come close to undermining the experience", and suggests the new boomerang suit "feels redundant, offering very little that a fireflower can't".

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Ultimately though, the mag came away impressed, labelling 3D Land "fresher than any handheld Mario in years".

"There's a joyousness here that wins out, a simple delight in the basics of running, jumping, collecting coins and bouncing into the air that leaves these mild disappointments behind, and a creative blending of Marios past and present that makes the unabashed retread that was New Super Mario Bros appear almost cynical."

The latest issue of Edge also awarded Uncharted 3 a 9/10 score.

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