New nVidia drivers tunes your PC for Battlefield 3

Improves performance by up to 11 percent

Here's some good timing; hours before the US launch of Battlefield 3, nVidia has released new PC graphics cards drivers that will improve the game's performance.

"For Battlefield 3 we've improved performance by up to 11% since the release of the GeForce 285.38 beta drivers, have included several compatibility enhancements, a new and improved SLI profile, and a 3D Vision profile," says nVidia of the new driver release.

Battlefield 3 isn't the only game to benefit, however. "Similarly, Rage has received enhancements since the release of the same drivers, and Batman: Arkham City compatibility has been implemented," it says, before launching into a techy and detailed breakdown on the gains you should see post-install.


nVidia GPU owners will want to update that asap before they play what we reckon is the best version of the three. Hit the source link below for the download.

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[ SOURCE: Nvidia ]