Mario Kart 7 steering wheel coming via Hori

Japanese peripheral maker seeks to improve motion-controlled steering on 3DS

Yes, you read that right. Peripheral maker Hori is reportedly making a steering wheel for Mario Kart 7 - the 3DS game.


According to the Andriasang report, Hori claims the device will offer up the feeling of using a real steering wheel, which we're assuming is intended for use in MK7's first-person tilt control mode.

It will also don larger L and R buttons for better reach and overall more comfortable design. There are, strangely, no pictures to go with the Japanese Amazon listing in which Andriasang discovered the device, so we're left to assume it'll be a clip-on frame that surrounds the lower base of the 3DS.

It's listed for 1,280, which works out at about a tenner.

On a more worthwhile note, Nintendo released a bunch of new MK7 screenshots today. Check those out.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]