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New PSP 3000 bundle packs in FIFA, Cars 2

Old handheld not going out quietly

The PlayStation Vita is just around the corner, but now aging PSP won't be going out without a last hurrah.


Sony's putting out a new 'Entertainment Pack' bundle for US stores this Christmas that packs in some footy (sorry, ahem... soccer) and racing action.

For $159.99 you'll get the PSP 3000 console, FIFA Soccer 12 on UMD and a PSN code to download Cars 2: The Video Game.

You also get a 2GB memory stick to store that copy of Cars on along with all your save game data. The new bundle hits US stores on November 15.

Seems a pretty good deal for those not into the expensive business of buying new consoles near to launch. For everyone else, it's all about the Vita now.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]