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Mario Kart 7 3DS steering wheel: First pics

It looks better than the second Circle Pad, at least

The first pictures of the Mario Kart 7 3DS steering wheel - discovered last night - have hit the net.


With the horror of the second Cricle Pad peripheral still fresh in the memory, this one actually looks quite cool.

Whether it will be practical with the handheld's delicate 3D affect, however, is another question.

According to an Andriasang report, third-party maker Hori claims the device will offer up the feeling of using a real steering wheel, which we're assuming is intended for use in MK7's first-person tilt control mode.

It will also don larger L and R buttons for better reach and overall more comfortable design.

It's listed for 1,280 on Amazon Japan which works out at about a tenner.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]