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Kinect Sports: Season 2

Different sports, same game?

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However, as you would imagine, all of this requires some degree of accuracy and unfortunately the Kinect module's latency just isn't up to it.

Too frequently, players will miss the target, either due to the module misinterpreting their aim, or misjudging the strength of their throw. Ultimately it translates into a largely frustrating experience; players who have become used to pounding the AI on rookie-level may appreciate the difficulty spike, but it's a pity this isn't by design.

Co-op and competitive play is available both off and online. Season 2 also has a couple of new aspects beyond its voice-activated menus, which seem geared towards making solo-play feel a little more involved.


Players now level up, earning XP in the form of fans for everything they do in Season 2; even those who continually lose will pick up 100 fans for joining in (ah, bless!). They can also set challenges for their online friends and indulge in a spot of Quick-Play with the lovable mascots they've unlocked.

The sports in Kinect Sports: Season 2 are mostly well realised and a lot of fun to play. It's by no means flawless, but if all you're after is a knockabout experience in front of the TV, it more than suffices.

The new features are fun, but it's ulikely they'll win over players outside the game's core demographic. This is business as usual for the Kinect Sports franchise and anyone who wasn't won over by the last instalment will have little reason to sign up for this sequel.

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The verdict

Business as usual for the Kinect Sports franchise. Season 2 packs fun new features but anyone who wasn't won over by the original will have little reason to love this.

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