Assassin's Creed Revelations: 'The greatest strength of the series is the freedom it gives to the player'

Ubisoft Montreal talk us through Revelations' new gameplay features

Assassin's Creed has always been full of innovation as a series, with each successive instalment building on what's gone before, but adding fresh features and new gameplay mechanics for players to explore.

Assassin's Creed Revelations promises to be no exception with a tonne of new enhancements designed to make Ezio the fastest, deadliest and most powerful assassin yet, through new weapons like the hookblade, bombs and zipline.

We recently joined Ubisoft Montreal's Alexandre Breault, game design director, and Alexandre Amancio, creative director, to discuss these new gameplay features and how they affect the powerful conclusion of the medieval portion of the Assassin's adventure.


Was it difficult to balance new moves with the existing feature set? How have you evolved the play style?

Alexandre Breault: It's a good challenge to add new abilities to Ezio. In Brotherhood, Ezio was already extremely versatile and deadly. For the new move we added, we wanted to make sure that they would bring something new to the player, and that they would feel powerful.

To make sure to reach that objective, we focus on new movement that would act as consolidating elements between the various system. All the hookblade moves are representative of that design approach: our goal was to make a bridge between navigation and combat.

In that sense, every move have been created to bring the player faster in the combat (hook and throw, zipline assassination, extended ledge kill) or to make him exit combat faster (hook and run, accelerated climbing, extended reach, ziplines...). To make sure it keeps the right balance, we focus on giving the moves a new purpose instead of just making them even more powerful.

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