GTA V: What do you want to see?

Give us your GTA V wish list

GTA 5 was announced today, which is something you might have missed because the news only dominated 99 percent of the internet as far as gaming is concerned.


At least it's been acknowledged as on the way now by Rockstar (as if that was ever in doubt) but, with little more than a logo to go off, the actual detail of GTA V is still eluding us.

Which makes this the perfect opportunity for a bit of pipe-dreaming, some speculation slumber, a 40 wink wishlist.

We want to know what you want to see in GTA V. Perhaps you want Rockstar to up the ante when it comes to crazy content (Saints Row The Third is going to be more than competitive in that arena after all) - a V2 rocket instead of a tank maybe, a squirrel suit instead of a parachute, a hovercraft instead of a jet plane.

Let your minds run free, we won't judge.

Or if you're a little bit boring, perhaps you're more concerned about things like playability, design and narrative.

We suppose the biggest question at the moment is where exactly GTA V is going to be set but you can also give us an idea of the kind of characters you want to see roaming the streets; anti-video games demonstrators, perhaps?

And, if you want to get really serious, you might want to go through why you think GTA IV didn't match the likes of San Andreas (if that is your opinion) and what GTA V needs to bring back from previous editions to be the best version yet.

Think of it as a GTA mix and match.

Let your creativity flow in the comments section below.