Build a PC for Battlefield 3 - nVidia shows you how

Graphics card maker breaks down some great setups

If you fancy playing Battlefield 3 with the best visuals possible, you'll need the PC version and a fairly beefy rig.


If you don't have a PC, or your machine is a little on the antique side, the best way to get up to speed to build a PC yourself.

Choosing the separate components can be a daunting task but graphics card maker nVidia has put together a sweet guide to building the perfect rigs for Battlefield 3.

It goes through everything from the graphics card (all nVidia ones, of course) to the CPU, motherboard and RAM you'll be needing to get the best setup you can for range of budgets.

Check it out through the source link below. And check out our Battlefield 3 review while you're here.

[ SOURCE: nVidia ]