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GTA V Los Angeles rumours 'are true' - report

'Source familiar to the game' adds weight to rumours

GTA V was announced yesterday, seemingly from out of nowhere, with rumour and speculation following close behind.


Of course the main question that everyone is looking for answers to is where exactly Grand Theft Auto V will be set.

Yesterday we reported on industry whispers that Rockstar is set to make a switch to reality by recreating real-world Los Angeles for GTA V, a rumour that seems to be gaining more and more 'insider' backing all the time.

Kotaku is claiming that it's been told that those rumours "are true" by "a source familiar with the game".

The site says that GTA V will be set in "some version of L.A" and also claims that multiple sources are saying that the game will feature more than just one playable character.

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Evidence from as far back as last December suggests that GTA V is being codenamed 'Rush' and features characters including a "Welsh monk/cult leader/yoga teacher", a "weed evangelist", a "swinger" and - top of the pops - "an ugly but comfortable mellow Californian divorcee".

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]