GoldenEye dev: 'N64 was the godfather of FPS, it's an honour to work on Reloaded'

Activision producer James Steer says the pressure's on, but they'll deliver

GoldenEye Reloaded is out next Friday, November 4 and in case you missed it we're running a great competition the night before to decide the ultimate GoldenEye player with a fantastic prize of a PS3, big screen Sony TV and assorted gaming goodies worth hundreds of pounds up for grabs.

But we also caught up with Activision producer for GoldenEye Reloaded, James Steer, at a recent multiplayer event, to talk Bond, guns and gadgets. We started off by quizzing him on the huge multiplayer legacy of the series.


"We talk about the original N64 game as being like the godfather of first-person shooters," said Steer, "You know especially from a multiplayer, split-screen point of view. People loved it."

Naturally, we wondered if this created any additional pressure when it came to creating the multiplayer side of GoldenEye 007 Reloaded, given its illustrious heritage.

"There's a pressure, but it's also quite an honour to work on it," said Steer. "We create our own pressure in that way, because we want to do the best thing we can, the best Bond game that we can make, let alone the best GoldenEye game."

"So yes there is a pressure, but it's a good thing I think. Everyone wants to make games that people love and recognise and GoldenEye is hugely popular, so that's great."

You can check out our impressions of the game in our recent multiplayer hands-on preview.

And don't forget, if you're available to play at HMV Gamerbase in Manchester on Nov 3, why not come along and try winning that GoldenEye prize yourself?

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