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Video: GTA 5 - Is this what it will look like?

Lost PS3 game Eight Days could share talent with Rockstar's latest

The videos below could offer a glimpse at what Rockstar's just-announced GTA V might look like.

Here's what it ACTUALLY looks like: GTA 5 trailer.


Canned PS3 exclusive Eight Days is the game behind the footage, and it's being reported that the man who worked as lead animator on the axed Sony London project, Jim Jagger, joined Rockstar in 2009 - right after the release of GTA IV.

Jagger's currently listed (via Official PlayStation Magazine) as working on a 'TBA' project at GTA headquarters Rockstar North, and has had some involvement in LA Noire in the past.

There's a chance then that the next GTA might share a similar look and feel to the cancelled PS3 shooter.

Eight Days was also a co-op adventure involving a lot of interplay between the two characters during gunfights, such as throwing each other guns and passing each other against walls.

Could we expect a similar feature in the new GTA? Watch the footage below and let us know what you think.

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[ SOURCE: Stick Twiddlers ]