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Fresh Star Wars: Old Republic shots feel the force

A fine selection of screens from BioWare's Star Wars MMO

Star Wars: The Old Republic is heading your way on December 20 this year (and what a Christmas present that is) and we can scarcely remember an MMO launch we've looked forward to with such antcipation.

Especially when BioWare continues to drop such a splendid array of screens and movies ahead of the launch, the latest batch of which you can discover arrayed around this page for your viewing pleasure.

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Lest you forget, BioWare is expecting this to be the biggest online launch in history and with a winning mix of superb Star Wars fan service and one of the world's foremost RPG developers at the helm, you can definitely colour us excited.


Keep an eye on CVG for some exciting Old Republic news, which we're hoping to share with you shortly. But for the moment this is not the article you're looking for.