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Rockstar 'deliberately avoiding' FPS genre

"You have to have originality in your games," says Dan Houser

Rockstar creative vice president Dan Houser has told Famitsu the GTA maker is intentionally avoiding developing in the FPS genre.


"We're deliberately avoiding that right now," he said, according to a 1UP translation. "It's in our DNA to avoid doing what other companies are doing.

"I suppose you could say that Max Payne 3 is something close to an FPS, but there are really unique aspects to the setting and gameplay there, too, not just in the story.

"You have to have originality in your games; you have to have some kind of interesting message. You could say that the goalpoint of Rockstar is to have the players really feel what we're trying to do."

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Houser went on to say that Rockstar has "made new genres by ourselves with games like the GTA series. We didn't rely on testimonials in a business textbook to do what we've done.

"I think we succeeded precisely because we didn't concentrate on profit... If we make the sort of games we want to play, then we believe people are going to buy them."

In case you happened to miss it, Rockstar revealed earlier this week that GTA V is in development, with a debut trailer set to air next week.