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GoldenEye 007 Reloaded multiplayer: 'You'll feel really powerful'

Producer James Steer mano a mano on multiplayer

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What are your hopes for the multiplayer portion of the game? What's makes GoldenEye special in the era of B3, Modern Warfare 3 and all the other shooters out there

Yeah, obviously it's a competitive environment, but we think because we have Bond and because we have classic characters and different modes and with the nostalgia element.

We think there's something different there to offer to people, who'll be in there playing it and enjoying it for different reasons than why they play other games.

The split-screen we feel will keep people playing at home on the couch with their friends, but MI6 mode with its competitive leaderboards will drive people to play it over and over again.

We've got high hopes, it's a tough area but because it's Bond, because it's a popular franchise, we hope people will respond to it.

Any plans for DLC?

It's not something we're talking about right now, we're just concentrating on making this the best it can be. All our effort is going into making Reloaded the best it can possibly be.

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