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5 launch games that would make us buy Wii U

Our dream Wii U launch lineup...

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising is going multiplatform, as is the MGS: HD collection, but Nintendo hasn't seen much in the way of Metal Gear Solid, apart from an appearance from Snake in Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and a remake of the first game on Gamecube.

So we think it's time Nintendo fans got some love in the form of Metal Gear. We're not sure about a proper sequel, but a spin-off game that returns to its top down roots for the Wii U would be nice.


Kojima is known for using a console's features in creative ways, so it would be exciting to see what he and his team could do with this particular console and its controller.

Maybe they could just have another stab at a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid and do it properly. No more back-flipping Snake, keep the original soundtrack, keep the original voice acting and keep the original cutscenes. Just simply re-model everything with a higher poly-count and re-texture everything to make it HD. Perfect.

Or they could make games based on the really old Metal Gear games on the MSX2 and NES. Use those stories as a base and create a brand new, high definition, 3D adventure in the style of the Metal Gear Solid games.

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