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EA 'aware of' Battlefield 3 online pass code problems

Some users unable to redeem single-use code required to access multiplayer

EA has told consumers in possession of unredeemable Battlefield 3 online pass codes to approach retailers for a replacement.


The company says it's aware that a number of Battlefield 3 copies shipped with dud online pass codes, which are required to access the shooter's multiplayer component.

A post on the help section of EA's website reads: "We are aware of the invalid code issue and we apologize for the inconvenience.

"Since certain retailers are affected by this issue, please check with the retailer where you purchased Battlefield 3 in order to receive a replacement code."

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Speaking last night, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau claimed the company is getting to grips with unprecedented online demand for Battlefield 3, which it has blamed for network outages and server problems over the past few days.

Ten million copies of Battlefield 3 have already been shipped to retail.