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Naughty Dog talks Uncharted 4 and future of the franchise

Drake in space?

The fine folks over at Official PlayStation Magazine have somehow managed to get Uncharted 3s game director Justin Richmond to stumble into a conversation about Uncharted 4.


In Official PlayStation Magazine UK's interview about Uncharted 4, Richmond discusses some of the new directions for the franchise could take in the future, as well as maintaining fan interest and going too far.

According to Richmond Nate still has plenty more to give and studio will continue to create new Uncharted experiences as long as fans want it.

"There are a ton of Drake adventures out there and we haven't told all of them yet, and as long as fans want the games and as long as we find something that's interesting and will push the medium forward, we'll continue to make them."

On the issue of a space themed adventure we don't think Space Nate is going too far. Naughty Dog on the other hand does...

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[ SOURCE: Official PlayStation Magazine UK ]