First peek at the Ace Attorney movie

Capcom offers the first still shot and teaser video

Capcom has released the first image and teaser footage of the in-production Ace Attorney movie.


It's exciting - even if you're not a huge of the DS series - because the man in director's chair is Takashi Miike - a renowned Japanese director who had made himself a name internationally for his twisted, provocative thrillers, such as Ichi the Killer, Audition and One Missed Call.

The movie also stars actor Hiroki Narimiya as Ryűichi Naruhodô (Phoenix Wright), who you can see in the first ever image, pictured right.

Below is also the first teaser footage from the movie, shown to typically enthusiastic crowd on a Japanese show.

There is as yet no plan to release the movie outside of Japan, but given the global acclaim of its director, we're hopeful.

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[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]