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Sony hiring for God of War project

Job advert outs new GoW game in the "military / combat" genre

Sony is hiring for an as yet unannounced God of War project, according to a job listing for a senior staff concept artist.


According to the ad, the successful candidate will join Sony Computer Entertainment America Santa Monica to offer conceptual development and illustrations for the PlayStation game, which is said to be in the "Military / Combat" genre.

"Join the GOW team," reads the job listing. "The Santa Monica Studio is an open and creative environment, where we strive to make the best games in the industry. Join us as we embark on our next project."

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According to rumours featured in the pages of the Official PlayStation Magazine and respected unofficial PlayStation mag PSM3 earlier this year, God of War 4 is in development, is set to feature a multiplayer mode, and will launch in September 2012.

[ SOURCE: Creative Heads ]