Assassin's Creed Revelations: The shocking truth about Ezio's third outing

Black holes and revelations...

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In Revelations Desmond is in a coma, so rather than return to the real world during breaks from Ezio's storytelling, we have the option to 'Return to Animus Island'. It's a literal place - an actual island, built out of code - and it's where Desmond runs into a computer recreation of Subject 16, put together using the personality scanned and extracted in his Animus sessions long before.

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In this pocket of Animus code-strings Desmond and Subject 16 are brought together, and we can finally discover how Desmond - his mind now a jumble of memories, visions and ancestors' thoughts - came to play such a prominent role in the Assassins' fight against Abstergo.

As Creative Director Alexandre Amancio admits in our interview, this game is no filler: Assassin's Creed needs to synchronise with real life, and in the game's version of December 2012 - i.e. next year's Assassin's Creed title, whatever form it might take - Desmond's story will come to an end. Revelations is Ubisoft's final chance to position the original hero for his last stand.

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