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Battlefield 3 online problems almost fixed, claims EA

"We've turned a corner," publisher says

Battlefield 3 suffered some online teething problems following its launch last Tuesday, with publisher EA previously blaming unprecedented demand for network outages and server problems.


But an EA spokesperson told Kotaku today the worst is now behind them.

"We've turned a corner," they said. "We are happy to report that PS3 and PC players experienced server stability all weekend, and Xbox 360 servers are at 95 percent and climbing.

"Regardless of the cause or platform, our online teams are standing by to identify the issues and addressed them as they arise. We will not rest until we're at 100 percent... At a high level, the tech process has been: identify, hypothesize, reproduce, fix, test, publish, verify and communicate."

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On the subject of Xbox 360 connectivity problems, something we experienced over the weekend, EA added: "There are a number of different factors impacting server connectivity on Xbox 360. It is a particularly complex server architecture and we continue to work with Microsoft to improve connectivity.

"We are gamers, too, and understand how frustrating it is not to be able to play the game without interruption. We appreciate their patience and promise, it will be worth the wait."

Battlefield 3 jumped straight in at No.1 on the UK All Formats Chart this morning.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]