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Uncharted 3 had 'brutal crunch period'

Creative director describes it as the "hardest thing in the industry I've ever done"

Key members of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3 team have claimed that finishing the game on time required severe crunch.


In an interview with Gametrailers (Develop), creative director Amy Hennig described it as the "hardest thing in the industry I've ever done".

"It was pretty brutal this time around," said cinematics animation lead Josh Scheer. "I mean, there's always crunch. There are always people putting in extra hours.

"But this time around, just because of the scope and the ambition of the game - even after we had gone back and shortened some things, trimmed some other things - there was just still a lot to do in the amount of time we had to do it."

Game director Justin Richmond said the fact the game features "more languages than we have ever done before, both spoken and text translation", put extra pressure on the team.

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In the same interview, Naughty Dog defended the linearity of the series by suggesting that branching level paths or dialogue trees would negatively impact the strength of its narrative.

CVG's Uncharted 3 review praised Naughty Dog for its "confident storytelling, astonishing visuals and obscenely ambitious set pieces", all of which "make Uncharted 3 the best of the series" and "an absolute must-have".

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