Battlefield 3: 'Exclusive' DLC free via Dr Pepper promotion

Dr. Pepper bottles and cans packed with DLC codes in US

EA and the Dr. Pepper Snapple group has collaborated to offer "exclusive" download content for Battlefield 3 via codes with Dr Pepper drinks.


Specially marked bottles and cans of the drink - in the US only, unfortunately - include special codes that can used to redeem a selection of download content for the game currently unattainable in any other way.

It's nothing to go mental over - the codes offer six dog tags (referencing Hello Kitty, Halloween and that awesome YouTube song 'Friday' by the talented Rebecca Black), a PlayStation Home Avatar and a couple of multiplayer skins.

Codes can be redeemed via the official Dr. Pepper page.

EA launched a similar promotion previously with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the DLC for which was later released to the worldwide public.

So if you're a mad completionist but don't live in US, or you hate Dr. Pepper like the plague, you stand a good chance of getting access to the swag at a later date.

EA has declared Battlefield 3 "the fastest-selling game in EA's history" as it "estimates" 5 million global sales in its first week.

[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]