King of Fighters XIII producer 'very interested' in Vita version

SNK Playmore's Kei Yamamoto keen on Sony's new handheld

PlayStation Vita fans may some day soon get to add King of Fighters to the growing list of beat-'em-ups headed to the platform.


King of Fighters XIII producer Kei Yamamoto from SNK Playmore has told the US PlayStation Blog any opportunity to work on the game for Sony's new handheld would be jumped upon.

"The PlayStation Vita controls well, the titles being released are appealing, and user impressions are good," he said in an interview on the blog.

He added: "I am very interested in it, not just as a developer but as a user as well. Personally, I'd love to work on a KOF title for PS Vita if the opportunity arises."

Yamamoto also commented on why it's taken so long - a year - for the game to make the transition from Japan's arcades to home consoles.

"We kept fixing what was needed to be fixed and adding content that fans wanted, and before we knew it, a year passed," he said. "We apologize for keeping our fans waiting, but there's plenty of game content in return, so please look forward to it."

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]