GTA 5 trailer goes live at 4pm GMT - But is it set in Los Angeles?

Prepare for a Rockstar onslaught as GTA 5 trailer preps for arrival...

Quick reminder: Rockstar will be releasing the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V this afternoon at 4PM, as promised in its surprise announcement last week.

Here it is: the first GTA 5 trailer.


As always we'll have our fingers furiously hitting our keyboards to get it to your eyes as quick as possible, so keep them peeled.

If you''ve got nothing better to do you can always stare at this GTA V trailer countdown clock, there's no shame in it. In fact, if we weren't busy bringing you news we'd probably be doing it.

Last December clues suggested that GTA V is being codenamed 'Rush' and will feature characters including a "Welsh monk/cult leader/yoga teacher", a "weed evangelist", a "swinger" and - top of the pops - "an ugly but comfortable mellow Californian divorcee".

Alongside the loud-mouthed actor/comic Gilbert Gottfried - himself an L.A resident - CVG has heard whispers of "ridiculous" voice talent for GTA V, with even Robert De Niro being muttered as a possible candidate.

There's also chatter that Rockstar could be set to show off a living, breathing Los Angeles as the location for the next instalment - landmarks and all.

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We've laid out what we want to see from GTA V here, have a read and weigh in with your needs and wants in the comments.