GTA 5 a digital download only? No chance, reckons Pachter

Analyst says Rockstar is in business to sell a lot of copies, 'like over 24 million units'

Ahead of the reveal of the first GTA V trailer this afternoon, gaming-focused market research and consulting firm Newzoo speculated that the title will be download only.

Stick your eyeballs on the first official GTA 5 trailer, why don't you?


"Boxed games will not disappear, but what is in the box will," CEO Peter Warman said yesterday. "That is why the boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code. No disc."

Not so, according to industry analyst Michael Pachter, who took to Twitter to say: "It is not possible that GTA V is digital download only, ZERO probability. 40% of 360s sold have 20Gb or smaller HDD.

"Rockstar in business to sell a lot of copies, won't do anything that compromises that goal. It's a profit deal."

Pachter added: "GTA V trailer tomorrow; if the game is the best in the series, sales will be the most ever in the series (over 24 million units). Can't wait."

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