GoldenEye 007 Reloaded: 'we're re-imagining the GoldenEye story for the modern day'

Eurocom's Rob Matthews on GoldenEye's 007 Reloaded's single-player campaign

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New "Mi6 Ops Missions' have been mentioned - they sound intriguing - what do they entail?

MI6 Ops is a game mode that allows players to choose a particular style of gameplay - stealth, combat or objective-based missions, and then tweak a variety of settings exposed to them such as the number of enemies that appear, how aggressive the enemies are, how much damage it takes to kill them, or even enable modes such as Paintball and Golden Gun. The player is awarded a score upon successfully completing an MI6 Ops game and their score is uploaded to the game's leaderboards that are integrated into Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

One of our aims was to really drive the competitive element of this mode - so you can create your own custom challenge, set a score and then compare how you rank against players from all over the world. But the really neat trick is that you can easily view and replay the exact same settings that other players have created and used to generate their high scores in an effort to better them.

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