GTA V: CVG readers want Vice City, Hot Coffee

A list of some of your ideas for Rockstar's sequel...

Over the last few days we've been going GTA V crazy and if comments are any indication your minds have been in overdrive coming up with ideas for what you want to see in Rockstar's next entry.

Here's the trailer.

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Ahead of the the Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer we've gathered some of these comments and thrown together a list of what you want to see. Needless to say if we used all of it for one GTA it would be a horrible chimera of a game but individually there's more than a few interesting ideas, and a couple of plain old crazy ones too.

Here's what you had to say.

"Less pointless swearing would be nice."

Cazy008 makes a very reasonable request, unless our memories are failing us (and we wouldn't be surprised if they were) Grand Theft Auto IV was far more mindful of the way it used swearing, but we remember feeling a little uncomfortable with the amount of F-bombs dropped by more than a few characters.

"Hope that the V doesn't really mean 5 but stands for Vice City."

Who says it can't mean both, tmulford?

"I would love for them to go back to Vice City. I loved the vibe of that game and it's still my fave of the series. I just cannot get into IV. I'll try again sometime. It's still installed with all the righ rez textures and the cool nice gfx mods on it.

"Although GTA IV is the most successful at creating a real sense of being in a city compared to the colorful, bustling Vice City it felt a bit soulless, but then maybe that was the point. Either way we'd love to see what Rockstar could do with Vice City on current tech too."

Maybe you should check out some of the downloadable episodes kimoak. We recommend the Balad of Gay Tony, which has a similar vibe.

"A man can dream but I want to see a Wii U version. I doubt it though. I mean if Rockstar wanted GTA on a Nintendo console they would have done the double pack for Gamecube. But we aren't in their target audience :( Didn't Chinatown wars sell 1 million?"

We're not counting a Wii U version out Sentinato. Nintendo has put a lot of effort into presenting the console as a viable option for gamers with a more 'mature' taste and confirmed games including Ninja Gaiden and Darksiders will be available for the platform.

"-More variety in the missions (the majority of GTAIV's missions seemed to just involve driving somewhere and shooting people)
-More side missions
-No "friends" who need to be taken to teetee bars or bowling every half an hour."

We think the last one won't be much of a problem photoboy. GTA IV was Rockstar's first attempt at using NPCs to get the player to engage in different types of activities, and yes, it was a intrusive. We're betting they'll come up with much better ways of getting you to go bowling with your cousin.

"Also while unlikey I want multiple locations, like Chicago, Tokyo, Milan, Sao Paulo not just one city. Also a control method which is a little more user friendly and not so cumbersome."

Oh that would be delicious KK-Headcharge78, but very unlikely. Rockstar's thing has always been devouting its games to one, massive and varied city. Although we'd welcome the change, we don't see it happening.

"more varied missions, GTA IV dragged with constant go from point a to point b and kill the man/men it just got tedious after so long. Also I would like to be able to buy property in the game again and then receive side missions from those properties in the same vein as vice city did and san andreas. Get rid of the over the shoulder view when driving, its stupid and awkward."

Great idea T12AV15, bring back properties that have side-missions attached to them.

"a shorter, tighter story and map. too much of GTA games (and open world ones in general) are pointless. Arkham City got it right - just big enough to be impressive but you can traverse it in about a minute or two. GTA IV was a nightmare, having to spend 10 minutes just driving to places."

We don't know about you guys but we felt the stories presented in Lost and the Damned as well as Ballad of Gay Tony were much more enjoyable than the main GTAIV story. Since they weren't stretched over 20 plus hours they felt much more focused and impactful. We like the sound of richardgeefe's suggestion.

"To look at the direction Volition have taken Saint's Row... and go in the exact opposite one"

beemoh seems to be heavily outnumbered by requests for a San Andreas type experience.

"Hot Coffee"

Off to Starbucks then slick loose, Rockstar will be doing everything in its power to make sure that fiasco isn't repeated.

"photo realistic naked women lol"

See above JBoo, although Starbucks doesn't have those on the menu...unfortunately.

"The City that immediately comes to mind when i hear the word "rush" is Wolverhampton,as i can't wait to get outta the dump. Really excited by the news,can't wait to see the trailer!"

charliecheswick's mind works in mysterious ways. Earlier this year leaks suggested Rockstar's latest GTA was codenamed 'Rush', if it turns out to be set in Wolverhampton, we'd buy a copy and then eat it.

"My pitch: GTA V - Welcome to Vatican City, the worst place on Earth."

Oh EvilDog77, no, no, no. Back away slowly.

"Dont care where its set as long as the cars handle a bit better they were so slidey in iv it stopped me playing ,please rockstar fix the cars considering most of the game is spent driving"

charlyd suggestion seems to be quite a divisive issue amongst you guys, some of you agree with him while others are saying the driving in GTAIV was the best its ever been. Hard to imagine what Rockstar will do with it.

"I would like to see basically GTA 3 in high res and an updated engine. Bring back the strong silent protagonists."

spaceman_DOUG wants to kick it old school.

"a GTA where you play a dirty cop would be amazing. Think Training day but instead of denzel being the protagonist you are"

This is an idea we put forth in our GTA V: What we want to see feature. There were quite a few of you that didn't like the sound of playing as a cop. Spiced was well up for it though and StonecoldMC had something a little similar brewing in his head...

"The Wire. The Wire. The Wire!
If we ever get to a point where a Game can replicate the branching and intricate characters and storylines of a programme like The Wire. Then we really will be an entertainment medium just like tv and film. One day. One day!"

And finally, a digital only GTA V release?

"how about no"

Fair enough eastldn