Saint's Row: The Third screenshot explosion

Ten new screenshots from Volition's hilarious gang banger...

Ah, Saint's Row: The Third, while the world and his wife awaits the GTA V trailer, you're quite happy to plough your own, erm... unique furrow in the form of hilarious open world mayhem.

Witness these ten new screens freshly unleashed on an unsuspecting world, showing zombies in the basement and even a level where you're shrunk down to micro size.

Volition's Drew Homes recently said he thinks that Saints Row: The Third pushes the boundaries of taste and decency, particularly with regard to sex appeal.

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But he also said it doesn't cross the line, particularly since it's "not even trying to be serious" and is clearly a "cartoony, outlandish game", which helps deflect some of the flack the media would normally hurl its way.

We guess you'll have a chance to experience its unique appeal when it launches on October 18 in the UK and Europe.