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GTA 5 Poll - Are you satisfied with San Andreas?

Share your opinion on the debut Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

The first GTA 5 trailer is now live, and Grand Theft Auto 5 fans everywhere are debating the series' return to what looks like the excellent San Andreas, based on California.


Most GTA fans have been crying out for a return to the GTA: San Andreas setting ever since GTA IV went ultra realistic in its version of New York City, so there are a fair few of you no doubt delighted by Rockstar's trailer.

But not everyone is satisfied. Some CVG readers are unimpressed by Rockstar's decision to revisit what you say it's already done on PS2, and indeed there's some concern over whether GTA V is indeed set in San Andreas or just Los Santos, its version of LA (GTA 3 included takes on Las Vegas and San Francisco).

Do us a favour then and cast your vote in the CVG poll above. Is San Andreas - or indeed, Los Santos - what you were after from Rockstar? Or was your idea of GTA V something completely different?

We'll revisit the results in a follow-up article shortly.